Monday, April 30, 2012

A first

Today I breastfed D on the train for the first time.  It only took me 18 months to feel comfortable.  Well, actually I had to take D to the Dr.and on the way home he REALLY wanted "milkies".  I very discreetly pulled my sweater up and let him do the rest while somewhat hiding under his fleece.

 I was always grossed out by germs on the train, however, my baby is dehydrated so he gets whatever liquid he wants wherever he wants.  I always find NYers are completely comfortable around public breastfeeding.  I mostly get endearing looks.  Only once did we get a snarky look when D was an infant at Wholefoods.  We had just left a chiropractic appointment, I was starving and so was D.  I nursed him, but he was not latching well (distracted) and tired so was crying a bit.  The woman  looked at me like" why would you bring an infant here." Because obviously nobody actually lives or has family and  things to do in NYC.

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