Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Europe Playground Tour

After attempting Europe with a one year old, I am ready to do it again and again and again. Oh yes, I have caught the travel bug yet again.  If you are contemplating a trip with your baby or toddler I suggest to try it!  Believe it or not he learned a lot from this trip.  I do have to say  that our child, while not the calmest baby, is not very high maintenance.  For example, he doesn't need toys to be entertained, he eats what we eat, he loves to walk and have fun, he can nap anywhere, he doesn't need warm baby wipes, and he is used to being around people of all ages.  We stayed in apartments, went food shopping at the local markets, ate where the locals ate, and had a wonderful time in doing so.  I loved our trip!  But enough about me, I think Desmond enjoyed Paris the most.  Here is what he has to say:

My top 10 favorite things to do in Paris
1. French bread, croissants, and pastries- any kind of carb really!
2. Salted caramel ice cream at Berthillion
3. Visit every playground on the right bank
4. Banana Crepes
5. Collect stones at Luxembourg gardens
6. Not stay still for mommy take my picture at the Eiffel tower
7. Wave to boat passengers along the Seine
8. Ride the carousel in Montmarte
9. Play with the ducks at the Tuileries Gardens
10. Watch scooters pass by the dozen

walking around Brussels, Belgium

Antwerp Zoo

Moules Frites, Antwerp 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Delis were great to avoid the restaurant scene

Apfel Struddel in Dusseldorf, Germany

Enjoying some modern art in Koln, Germany

Chasing pigeons in Paris, France

One of the many playgrounds we toured

Ducks were a fave

Nap time= coffee time!

time to shop

Paris is for lovers.  I love this guy.

I actually got tired of croissants.....

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